Ginza Toyoda offers a variety of chef's daily-selected menu made using a plenty of
seasonal ingredients, including seafood freshly caught from the nearby sea and
tasty vegetables grown in Kyoto, which are carefully selected by the head chef.
Enjoy our seasonal Japanese cuisine made with fresh quality ingredients
using all your five senses.

Please feel free to contact us if you are sensitive to specific ingredients or if you have
special requests. We will be happy to accommodate as best as possible.



A well-crafted sake pairs perfectly with our Japanese traditional cuisine made with
fresh seasonal ingredients.
The ultimate pairing of Japanese sake and Kaiseki dishes can complement each other
and heighten your culinary experience.
All the sake we offer are carefully chosen by Okami (landlady) who possesses
in-depth knowledge of Japanese sake.
She will help you to choose the very best sake to accompany your meal.
Please enjoy our special selection of limited-premium sake or quality sake brewed with
painstaking care by a Toji (master sake brewer).